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U Teach Mi provides students of all ages with an incredible range of stimulating and creative activities. We provide an awesome program for all our campers, no matter their interests or level of experience.


Coding is an essential proficiency in the advanced age, and kids must comprehend and have the option to work with and comprehend the innovation around them.

Using the more rational (left-hand) side of the brain, which is employed for linear thinking, sequencing, and applying logic to most circumstances, is required for computer coding. Children, on the other hand, rely on their imagination, visualisation, and intuition to solve difficulties.

You must be able to relay an organised set of instructions to programme a computer.

You must be able to communicate an organised set of instructions and break down difficulties in a methodical manner in order to programme a computer. As a result, coding teaches and inspires youngsters to think about the world in new ways.

 Music Technology

Young children love making sounds. Music innovation empowers them to catch those sounds and transform them into something that they can handle. This can be their voice, their #1 song or something that has quite recently grabbed their imagination. Specifically, having the option to catch their voice and hear it back in various manners can be an exceptional and amazing experience for young children.

Children make their own sound track with virtual instruments and stunning sound effects.

Drag and drop music loops to mix with drum and bass or hip-hop; sequence, layer, and adjust ideas without having to write anything down; investigate pace and rhythms To write the best chorus and bridge, get to know riffs and hooks.

Video Editing

We all know how much our children watch YouTube these days but that is to not say that YouTube is not an ever-growing market. As our children grow the need for skills such as video editing and sound editing will become more in demand and it is important to not leave any child behind. 

Learning these skills and understanding gives your child a head start in the big wide world, where having additional tricks up your sleeve, when it comes to landing that job or creating your own business really matter. 

If your child has shown an interest in video editing and wants t create amazing videos, then investigate their creativity with our Tech Club video Editing course.

3D Design

Of course, 3D printing will save lives in the future, but it is already being used to great effect in the medical area!

Prosthetics, heart valves, ear cartilage, anatomical models for surgical preparation, and as a tool in brain surgery and kidney transplants have all been created with it.

Potential outcomes have already begun to materialise. The creation of 3D printed objects is actively being explored.

Lifespan will improve in the not-too-distant future, procedures will get more reliable, and new applications will emerge that we haven't even imagined.

Your child will transform a simple geometric cube into a model made by their imagination using industry standard techniques ranging from 3D extrusion modelling to 3D digital sculpting.

Virtual Robotics

 Virtual Robotics

Virtual Robotics allows students to learn Robotics concepts and Coding from anywhere in the world. Students learn core STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) throughout our courses.

There is no need to purchase a physical robot as our Robotics course can be accessed from anywhere in a web browser.

Course Requirements
Google Chrome Web Browser

Ages 7 - 15 

*Online Membership Only 


Game Coding & Design

 Roblox game design & coding is a fantastic entry in to the world of coding and designing your won Roblox games. U Teach Mi students will undergo a course of designing their own game using 3D game development techniques alongside learning Lua Code to further create interactions on their game.

Course Requirements

Windows or MacOS laptop/desktop, Install Roblox Studio

Ages 7 - 15

*Online Membership Only

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